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3 easy steps to find a quality animal care:

Select place and time
Indicate where and when you need a professional pet-sitter’s support
Share your comments
Be open about your expectations (e.g. veterinary background)
Choose hourly package
Decide on the number of hours you need, selecting the best plan
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Increasing number of satisfied clients
Passion and dedication to animals
Truly qualified pet-sitters
Your animal’s needs in the first place
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Join our Pet Express team of professional pet-sitters

Do you like domestic animals? Do you have qualifications to provide professional care to our four-legged companions? Join our team! Send your CV, and you’ll be invited for an interview. You’ll complete the tests to prove you are a perfect pet-sitter for our clients’ animals.

With us, you’ll find fulfillment during everyday work with the pets.. You’ll also develop your skills. You’ll undergo our obligatory training programme to provide the highest standards of work with animals and their owners.
Flexible working hours
Attractive salary
Travel opportunities
We’ll be glad to help you.
Are you a parent and can’t combine your work with a good care and attention?

Or maybe your business trips or working hours mean your pets needs someone to look after them? Senior Express and Pet Express services are just for you. Find out that your worries weren’t necessary.
Professional care service for the elderly.
Professional care service for the elderly.