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Scope of obligations and activities


- Flexible work schedule
- Training and certificates in the field of childcare for all ages group
- Coaching programs
- Rates increasing along with the number of completed orders
- Office support in the form of Arts & Craft
- 24/7 contact the office in any situation
- Salary guarantee in the event of cancellation of the order at the last minute
- Possibility of working in various positions in an international company


1. The Contractor undertakes to respond to e-mails and text messages sent by the employees of the Nanny Express office, in particular to inquiries about the Contractor's availability (regardless of whether the Contractor is available or not).
2. The Contractor undertakes to participate in mandatory trainings and workshops organized by Nanny Express, or companies cooperating with it.
3. The Contractor undertakes to come to the babysitting job, which has previously confirmed by text message sent to the coordinator.
4. The Contractor's working hours depend on the schedule received by email, in the form of an order containing all details, such as address, contact number for parents, information about children.
5. At the end of care, the Contractor completes the Babysitting Declaration, which she or he received by email in the form of a link.
6. The Contractor puts on a Nanny Express t-shirt for babysitting, or in other cases, at the request of the child's parents, dresses according to the situation.
7. The Contractor arrives at the place of the order early enough to come to the child's parents' home at the time specified in the order.
8. In each case, if the Contractor's medical condition does not allow her or him to attend babysitting, the Contractor is obliged to immediately inform the Babysitting Department Coordinator by phone at 695-505-566 or 885-023-998 (available 24 hours / 7 days a week) and follow the instructions given in the telephone conversation.
9. The Contractor also confirms that she or he accepts that the Contractor's failure to follow the suggestions of a methodologist, psychologist and other persons cooperating with Nanny Express to substantively support the work with children and their families in the field of childcare constitutes improper performance by the Contractor of obligations towards Nanny Express. Therefore, in the event of any damage, in particular if the client terminates the contract for the provision of services concluded with Nanny Express as a result of non-compliance with employee orders, the Principal (Nanny Express) in the field of childcare, the Contractor will be responsible for damage in this respect, in so far as she or he contributed to its occurrence.


1. The Contractor during her or his work implements a babysitting program prepared by the Nanny Express office in accordance with the instructions contained in the e-mail (e.g. language of communication with the child, or scope of duties).
2. Before leaving the house by the parents, the Contractor should:
- provide parents with your contact number and ask for contact numbers for both parents.
- ask about the child’s sleeping habits, meals, activities, and follow their parents' instructions
- ask the parents about their child's allergies / chronic illness, and whether the child is currently taking medication (only parents give their children medication). In special cases, when the Contractor will administer medicines, the parent shall sign the authorization. Then, the Contractor is obliged to deliver the signed order for medicine administration to the office together with the original form of babysitting confirmation. In exceptional situations, when the parent is absolutely unable to complete and sign the authorization, he or he should send an SMS with detailed guidelines on medicine administration (medicine name / dosage) to the babysitter phone number. The babysitter is not allowed to give a child any medicines or dietary supplements. ONLY the parent can do it!
3. In the event of an emergency, when no parent answers the phone, the Contractor is required to contact the Babysitting Coordinator at 695-505-566 or 885-023-998 (available 24/7, every day of the week).
4. During babysitting, the Contractor:
- strictly cares for the child's safety and adheres to all safety rules
- reacts to dangers that may threaten other children who are not under her or his care
- cares for her or his personal hygiene as well as the child's hygiene (washing hands before each meal, after the toilet or walk) and helps to observe other rules concerning cleanliness in accordance with the guidelines agreed with parents
- creatively organizes time spent with the child in the open air and at home (e.g. board games, art works)
- maintains tidiness and order in the rooms where she or he is with the child: cleans the toys with the child; washes dirty dishes after a child's meal.
5. Despite the fact that the Client is obliged to inform the Office about all devices recording sound and image in their home, it may happen that this information is provided with delay. Therefore, it should be borne in mind that the Client may have such devices.
6. The end of work takes place when:
- one or both parents are physically at home and they take care of the child; under no other circumstances does the Contractor have the right to leave the workplace, even when the parent calls the Contractor's mobile phone saying that e.g. he or she enters the elevator, is under the entrance gate to the estate, etc. The exception is the situation in which the child's parent informs the Contractor at the beginning of her or his work that another authorized person (given to the Contractor by name) will take care of the child before the parent returns;
- Under no circumstances may the Contractor hand over a child to a person who approached her or him (who is known by sight) and informs the Contractor that the parent has ordered her or him to take care of the child - this information should be verified by calling the parent immediately and making further arrangements with the child's parent;
- If the parent does not arrive home at the agreed time, he or she is obliged to immediately inform the Contractor.
7. At the end of the order, the Contractor completes the Babysitting Declaration, which she or he received by email in the form of a link.
8. If the babysitting ends between 22:00 and 7:00 in the morning, the child's parents cover the costs of the Contractor's return home (by taxi or car, payable by cash directly to the Contractor after the end of babysitting), or they themselves take the Contractor to the address she or he indicates. If the family decides to cover the costs, they provide the Contractor with cash in the amount of PLN 50.


- smoking and drinking alcohol even when it is offered by the child's parents,
- receiving third parties in the client's home or apartment,
- working in the company of third parties to provide the babysitter with companionship or help (siblings, family, friends, fiancés, etc.),
- answering private phones - except for emergency situations (contact with the child's parents, with Nanny Express, emergency services),
- using their own computer / tablet / laptop or the child's parents' equipment for the personal purposes of the babysitter,
- spending time with the child in front of the TV / computer outside the time limits set with parents
- use of corporal punishment against the child, even when parents give us permission for such methods
- photographing the child without parental consent


1. The Contractor undertakes:
- to report to the Coordinator, with discretion, problems that the Contractor encountered during her or his work, in particular: doubts as to the correctness of the methods of work with the child, the child's development, or the quality of care and the upbringing principles concerning the child in the family.
- To inform the office by e-mail to about any changes in the scope of: contact details, bank account number, using new documents, etc.
2. The Contractor also confirms that she or he accepts that:
- all doubts and problems reported by the Contractor related to her or his work with the child and their family are confidential and when special circumstances do not require this information is not passed by Nanny Express to any third parties.
- failure to provide information on situations directly related to the health and safety of children being looked after by the Contractor, shall be the Contractor's failure to fulfil her or his obligation, and in the event of any damage, the Contractor shall be fully responsible up to the amount of damage caused;
- During cooperation with Nanny Express and the child's parents, if the child’s parents suggests or proposes to the Contractor to cooperate outside the company employing the Contractor, the Contractor is obliged to inform the coordinator or supervisor of the situation immediately.
- During cooperation with Nanny Express and the parents of the child, it is unacceptable for the Contractor to suggest or propose cooperation to the parents of the child outside the company employing the Contractor. In the event of a breach of this provision of the contract, the Principal is entitled to charge a contractual penalty in the amount of PLN 5,000.00.
- After the end of cooperation with Nanny Express, each of the former Contractors of the company is obliged for 1 year to inform the office to about each meeting with parents and a child, and thus obtaining the written consent of a person dedicated to the company to grant it - the former Contractor is not entitled to maintain any direct contact with the child or their family without this consent.
3. After each order, the Contractor should complete the Babysitting Declaration, based on which the remuneration of the Contractor will be prepared.
4. After signing the contract for a given settlement period, the Contractor shall receive a bank transfer with remuneration no later than on the tenth day of the following month.