Care for your loved ones

Trusted and Professional

When you entrust someone with those who are most important to you, you cannot afford to compromise. You need to find a trustworthy person who is suited to your needs. One you can rely on when you need them.


A nanny chosen for your child, tailored to your needs, and available when you need her. Verified and legally employed.
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Your favorite under the care of a professional, passionate individual with a knack for animals, who will take care of all its needs.
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A caregiver for an elderly person characterized by commitment and empathy. Qualified care with a focus on the individual needs of the senior.
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Special Needs

The specific needs of individuals with disabilities at the center of attention. Professional care and assistance for you and your loved ones.
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Company Benefits


Large companies

Choose a benefits package that gives your employees the freedom to balance work and life on their own terms.

Medium-sized companies

Opt for benefits that address the real needs of employees related to caregiving responsibilities.

Small businesses

Prioritize employee comfort while maintaining the continuity and efficiency of work.

Schools, Preschools, and Nurseries



Ensure the safety and great fun for your wards. Our caregivers are selected individuals with a predisposition to work with young children.


Find the necessary staff through our reservation system and short waiting times. Creative time for your wards and English language as a standard.


Employ shadow assistants and support teachers with the best qualifications. Leave the recruiting and hiring to us. 

Payroll Service

You know best what assistance you need

Have you already met the right person?

If you have already found the carer or carer who is best for your family and you want to employ him or her fully legally, use the simple payroll service. 

What do you gain?

  • The carer signs a legal contract. 

  • He or she is declared for social benefits. 

  • You determine the amount of the salary yourself, which is paid monthly.

Homework Help

Learning or Fun?

With us they can go hand in hand 

Are you looking for a qualified nanny to help your child with their lessons? Or perhaps a tutor or language teacher? We can find you a person with the right teaching background. 


  • We always match care to the specific needs of parents and children.
  • All our teachers are legally employed. 
  • English is a free standard with us. 

Specialist Assistance

Special needs?

Let us know, and we'll help!

We are looking for tailored care for you and your loved ones. Therefore, whenever you have a special requirement for the help you need, please let us know. Together, we'll find specialists to support you. 

Who works with us? 

  • We'll help you find the support of a psychologist or educator.
  • Your child can benefit from the assistance of a reeducator.
  • We offer speech therapy or physiotherapy sessions.
How can we help you?
Tell us what kind of care your loved ones need, and we will find a solution tailored to your needs!
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